In next few days its going to be 1 month that I have been in Tanzania to conduct The Art Of Living Courses here. Dar e Salaam is the place where I m staying in . It is the financial hub of TZ {Tanzania}. The place is situated just next to the Indian Ocean so Shipping is one of the biggest industry here, as TZ provides all the materials imported to its neighboring countries like Kenya,Malawi,Zanzibar Uganda etc. Its very beautiful here but people here because of lack of education don't know how to turn it into a Industry. The countries economy is ruled by Gujrati's who have migrated here before independence.

Everything 3 times more than in India. But the Fruits & vegetables are blessing. One will only get organic stuff here as chemicals & fertilizers are very expensive . Its really a very good experience coming out of INDIA,getting to know so much about the world,different people,different religions/beliefs/ideologies. Its Fun, Learning & Sewa all together. Jaigurudev

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